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Insanity at a glance
You live, you learn, and then get LUVS
23rd-Jan-2008 10:09 pm - Fiends Only
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4th-Sep-2007 12:26 am - Interview with a Zombie
This is perhaps the greatest pairing interview I've seen today. Nay, all week.
Rob Zombie (love him!) and Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office. Great American substitute for Gareth) Discuss stuff and things together on Myspace:

10th-Aug-2007 06:17 pm - Sign Crazy
For many years I've been toying with the idea of making bumper stickers. I'm, of course, inherently lazy and never really feel like looking up where I could get some printed. However, I've noticed that bumper sticker can suck and be terrible to take off (how many here see cars with "Gore 00'!" still on them?), which is why magnetic car signs appear to be the way to go.

These seem like a perfect temporary solution to sticky...stickers that can be hard to take off.

Maybe I should get a few magnets of Zapp and Zill, to promote our Comic-Con! This could be a great sneaky way to advertise.... I could stick them on any large magnetic surface.

Build a Sign also creates other types of signs, so I could even get a few print outs of Zapp and Zill to stick in our building's windows. What a perfect way to advertise!

Oh man, I could go crazy with this site and print any sign I've ever desired....

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4th-Aug-2007 12:02 pm(no subject)
Muffin Mumblings

28th-Jul-2007 02:58 am - Yellow...not really mellow though
Fast post because it is far too late (damn you exhibition and comic websites >.<) and I need to get up early tomorrow.

While most of my friends looked forward to the release of the new Harry Potter film and book, I grew lazy and saw neither (nope, not even in a bookstore). What I was gearing up for was a small little film about a tiny family in quaint Springfield.

Now that film has come out and I plan to see it tomorrow then spend the rest of the day wallowing in Simpson glory (i.e. giggling and totally destroying my boyfriend in the Simpson Trivia Game). I haven't seen a movie in a theatre in about a year I think. This decision of cinema-celibacy was made for a few reasons:

1. I'm cheap and don't want to spend $7-9 to sit in some room with a bunch of people I'll learn to loathe.
2. I'm antisocial and really don't enjoy watching films in groups unless it's will a few friends.
3. I'm lazy and don't feel like driving to any cinema because that means I'll have to actually make an effort to do something outside of the house for entertainment. Ppft, screw that.

So yes, good for you Matt Groening, you have successfully ejected me out of my comfortable room and squishy downloaded movies into a real house of overly priced entertainment. And lo, when I enter that sticky dark theatre and sit down in those chairs that while large and with fabric cupholders do not allow for proper cuddling I will have this look of contentment on my socially-retarded, homebody face:


I may also be riding a donut contact high...

Yes, for me the Simpsons has been one of the most stable parts of my long, young life. With a show as old as I am and my addiction to television quite rampant, how could I ignore this 5some family from good old Springfield USA? I've stuck by the Simpsons like Lisa sticks by her id identification, faltering only when the writers suffer a lapse of stupidity.

Yes I'm proud to say that I have seen all 400+ episodes multiple times and will continue to watch, even when the episodes really suck. I know as much about the Simpsons as I do about my own family, which is saying a lot because gossip tends to travel well within my clan.

Once the Simpsons end, which will happen eventually, I really don't know how I'll be able to spend my Sunday nights. I'll feel so empty missing out on my weekly dose of underbite wielding citizens of absurdity. I guess I'll have to hope that Futurama stays on the air this time. Another Groening fav of mine.

So keep your pirates, wizards and superheroes. All I need is a nice red couch, a pink sprinkle donut (to match my unfortunately dyed shirt)and a t.v. that defies all logic.

mmmmmmm 20+ years of yellow entertainment filled with fried dough....galargalgah *drools*
20th-Jul-2007 05:32 pm - Quick
-Muffin Mumblings

-ZAPP! Comic-Con has been added to Comic Book Conventions.com Click the ad to go to our flier.

-Had my first Lasik consultation appointment today. I'm a good candidate and it seems like I could get down to 20/20 vision if I'm lucky. Which means I can't wait for next summer!

-I'll be working on the main VisArts website, which should be both stressful and really fantastic.

Mmmyap, quick note had now ended.
19th-Jul-2007 08:02 pm - One simple thing:
I hate traffic on 495.

Today I was going a good 5mph from the first merge off of 270 to the Dulles exit.


I also feel a bit bad that I missed class tonight, seeing as how I did have my speech. However, hopefully he'll look at it next week, and I still have Jamie-dear to fill me in on what I missed.

oh well -.-;
19th-Jul-2007 01:56 pm - Small Time to Big Time
Since the move to VisArts new building I've gotten to know my coworkers quite well. We moved into a space known as an "incubator" while they finish constructing the real VisArts building. The incubator space is one room, one tiny room that everyone must share. This means there's about 10 or more people in there at one time, and can get kind of confusing. We have an IT guy who comes in on call sometimes, I've met him once.

From being in this small area I've thought about what it would be like for this company to grow, how it would work and such. There's a company out there that helps with strategy management and IT tech services called Metis. Unfortunately, they offer their services for Global 2000 businesses and governments, which VisArts is not. However, it is very nice to know how large successful business manage.

Troux, through Metis, offers an architect team which helps collect and manage data concerning management. They also offer a server as well as something called a "collection", which collects, quantifies, cleans, and verifies data as well as creates an automatic relationship agreement between the company.

When browsing their site it feels like it's going way over my head and experience. However, I can only hope that one day I'll be able to have a business *coughscomicbookpublishercoughs* large enough to take advantage of Troux's great offerings.

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9th-Jul-2007 11:29 am - Onion Spirit?
Last night I was cruising down the road in the unspeakable hours of night. My radio tuned to good rock music, my air conditioner on slowly freezing my fingers but leaving the rest of me comfortable. It was a good drive. Until, a certain smell came wafting through the AC. A very noticeable smell.

The smell of onions

*bit o' backstory: You know how people tend to associate certain smells with certain relatives? I think this is more prevalent with older relatives, but for instance if your grandfather smoked a pipe you'll associate him with that smell. If your great aunt ate a lot of mints, you'll probably associate her with that smell, etc. Well, my grandfather (dead as of a few years ago) had a penchant for onion bagels. He loved them along with other oniony and garlicy foods. I have a very clear image in my mind of his icky dried fingers applying loads of cream cheese onto a freshly toasted onion bagel. Along with his love of "engineer shirts", checkered work shirts always adorned with McDonalds napkins in the pocket and some sort of mustard/ketchup stain roaming the shirt.

He also was the one who drove my car before I recieved it. He was never a big maintinence guy. When I got the car I decided to clean every plastic surface. Good idea, since my towels came back much darker and grimier than I expected.

Pair his love of onion bagels mixed with a car he used to drive and I come to two conclusions:

1. His spirit, taking the form of a smell, haunts my car. Ever wishing I would drive it to a McDonalds.

2. He somehow stuffed an onion bagel into the AC vents. There it sits, rotting away like an unwelcome bagel air freshiner.

I should add that the first time I got the car, it did reek of onions for days. Now the smell comes back rather randomly and I can safely say that I have never eaten or had an onion bagel in that car. Never.

*not as amusing sidenote: My laptop's charger broke again (2nd one in less than a year) so I'm not going to have the joy of easy internet access for a little while. I probably won't really update either. Hopefully I'll be back online before next week though.

This is really just another nail in the coffin for my poor laptop >.
6th-Jul-2007 01:15 pm - A Scanner Lightly
After the recent acquisition of a printer I'm thinking that to complete my little bedroom office I need a scanner. Well okay, in reality the family needs a new scanner anyway. Since Microsoft decided to not support the drive from our current one. Way to make our only working scanner obsolete.

Seeing that I use a laptop, I'd need a good portable scanner. ScanShell has a good selection of portabe scanners, among them the ScanShell 200N (200NR). It's really more for business or professionals. With its A4 size and 600dpi resolution this scanner is best for text documents and other business related items.

For myself, this scanner is not the best. Since I would need to use it to scan large (11x17") pieces of paper and art. I would need one with higher dpi. However, it's perfect for my parents. Who primarily use their scanner to copy receipts and text documents. Hardly ever do they use it for photos.

What's nice about this is it attaches via USB 2.0. Which means it's ultra-portable and you can lend it out to friends who might need a quick scan. And that its driver shouldn't become obsolete as quickly as our old one. Man I love USB, it's such an easy way to connect technology.

You can scan your documents directly into PDF or other programs (like Microsoft Paint).You can also directly save the scanned image as a BMP, JPG, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG or TGA. It's quite versatile.

Hrmm...perhaps I should start considering looking at this scanner as an early Christmas present for my parents...

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